The tenants of this home recently lost power and unfortunately the fault was not going to be rectified by swapping in a new fuse. Our technician attended and found quite the problem behind the switchboard cover. The fault had occurred overnight with the tenants being advised to try a replacement fuse. As you can see from the photos – swapping this fuse could have given quite a fright!

In instances like this the very first thing we do upon arrival is investigate and ‘make safe’. We isolate the faulted circuit and then check the switchboard and other circuits to ensure they are safe to use. The only and best solution here was to remove this old style switchboard and replace it with a modern board with safety switches.

An old style switchboard that has had a serious fault

Unfortunately a full sized board wasn’t going to fit – In fact nothing was!

We ended up raising the enclosure above to allow just enough room to fit 2 x 4 pole enclosures which had a profile we managed to just fit in.

The new board includes RCBOs on the lighting and power circuits. An RCBO is a residual current circuit breaker with over current protection. This gives the tenants an extra level of protection from possible appliance faults in the future. The additional benefit for the owners is there is now space for additional circuits in the future.

A new upgraded switchboard with safety switches

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