Mitsubishi Electric - MSZ-GE25VA Reverse cycle inverter split system installed in single storey brick home.

Cost : $2079 fully installed including servicing of 3 x existing split systems.

This is an installation we recently completed. A 2.5kW Mitsubishi Electric split system installed in a nursery. Our customer hadn't had the best experience with another brand installed throughout their home and were interested in other options. We suggested Mitsubishi Electric as a great alternative. Whilst dearer than some other brands, the Mitsubishi Electric units offer unrivaled quality and are a great choice for owner occupiers planning on staying in their home for years to come.

A basic back to back installation

This installation is a simple back to back. Both indoor and outdoor units are located as close as possible, with the outdoor unit mounted directly behind the indoor unit on the exterior wall. As with most of our installations, we generally recommend installing the outdoor unit on wall brackets.

Although this is a more expensive option, it offers better access for servicing and is a much neater installation option keeping clear of the ground. Keeping the outdoor unit above ground level also minimises many other possible problems like wildlife deciding to move in!

We use only the best installation products and materials

With every installation, we ensure the neatest possible workmanship we can possibly provide. We use quality installation products and materials to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

The Mitsubishi Electric Condensor

This installation included servicing 3 existing split systems already installed in those home.

Not only is the new installation a welcome addition to this home, but their existing split systems are running better and more efficiently!

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