How not to rewire a ceramic fuse

When ever you have issues with fuses you should call an electrician, particularly if you are unsure how to repair. We recently attended a customers home who had lost power in the kitchen. An attempt had been made to repair the ceramic fuse. Unfortunately the repair was more likely to cause problems than resolve them and this certainly was the case.

This fuse has the wrong gauge wire installed

Not only should this fuse not have been reused due to broken and locked wire retainers, the incorrect gauge of wire was used. When our technician arrived the fuse was humming and glowing red hot! This was very likely to cause further problems.

A temporary circuit breaker installed in a ceramic fuse

Our technician installed a temporary fuse circuit breaker to allow the customer to continue through the weekend. We suggested that the customer upgrade their switchboard to prevent this kind of problem happening again. Not only is upgrading their switchboard not expensive, they will be additionally protected by having a residual current device installed.


An australian standard switchboard board was installed.


This is the new switchboard. We had to cut in the picture rail to make it fit as the mounting box for the switchboard is larger than the original mount. No problem for our skilled tradesmen.


This apartment now has an australian standard switchboard installed.

Not only is this owner now more protected with the inclusion of safety switches, the board has ample room for additional circuits if they are required in the future.


Do you need your switchboard upgraded?

Cost effective and safer than ceramic fuse switchboards.

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