We recently attended a job for a customer. Their rental apartment split system was not longer working. The split system installed at the premises was an old R22 constant speed unit and had lost its refrigerant. R22 is very expensive and even in a small unit repair costs were going to be high.

R22 is a very expensive refrigerant


Our customer opted to replace the unit with a modern inverter split system.  We suggested the Panasonic RE9PKR as a replacement option. This matched the previously installed split system capacity and are incredibly competitively priced whilst still offer an exceptional level of quality. A great fit for a rental property. Not only does the new unit come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty giving the owners long term peace of mind, the tenants will benefit from lower running costs having access to affordable inverter split system heating and cooling in the apartment.


Split system replaced in an apartment

This replacement was very cost effective for the owner. Removal and disposal of the existing system, including supply and installation of the new Panasonic RE9PKR was all completed for a very competitive $1650 inc GST.  Outstanding!

Affordable quality split systems

The benefit don’t just stop at cost effective to buy, install and run however. This new Panasonic split system can provide more or far less air than the previous unit. It can run significantly quieter as well. Including better air filtration and operation timers – These owners made the right decision!

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