Reditek Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

  • Older homes and apartments frequently have ceramic fuse type  switchboards.  These kind of electrical systems are not up to scratch by todays standards. Unsurprisingly these older style switchboards offer very little protection to occupiers from attached appliances and equipment. Ceramic fuse switchboards were designed from a period when there were only few electrical appliances in a home and when circuit breakers and modern safety switches like residual current devices simply did not exist.

An upgraded switchboard will mean you have a switchboard that meets the current Australia standard for a new home. These have safety switches and circuit breakers employed throughout the board as well as labeling. RCDs (Safety switches) installed in your switchboard may not appear like much, but these devices save lives regularly.

No matter whether it's your own home or rental property, having a switchboard upgrade installed with safety switches is a sound investment and can significantly reduce the risk of a fuse related fire or personal injury by electrocution from a faulty appliance.

Switchboard upgrades are not as expensive as you might think.

Typically upgrading your switchboard from a ceramic fuse type will cost $600-$800 depending on their complexity.

If you have a circuit breaker style switchboard, the cost of installing safety switches is as simple as our standard service call and the required safety switches.

Keeping your family or tenants safe won't send you broke, but it may well save a life.

When you have a new switchboard installed by Reditek, we will ensure that all your new circuits are distributed appropriately and that you have adequate power supply for your home. Sometimes this may mean investigating or completing a mains upgrade.

Switchboard upgrades are generally completed in around 4 hours depending on the existing wiring and the amount of circuits required.

At Reditek we will include all the relevant information as part of our obligation free quote - No hidden surprises or costs.

Find out more about mains upgrades and why they're important.


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