Home Lighting Solutions

Tired of sitting in the dark? Your home lighting plays a large role in how you live and work around your home.

For every part of your home, different types of lighting can be needed. At Reditek we understand those needs.

LED Lighting

If you are looking to install LED lights there is a huge range of different types available, from 1 Watt to 50 Watts.  There are also different colours such as warm white and cool white. Reditek can help you choose the correct type for the application you need.

If you already have down lights we can upgrade them to LED downlights and save you up dramatic amounts energy costs. Or if you would like to add accent or task related lighting, Reditek Electrical has the know how.

Task Lighting

The lighting style and type you install in your study will be different than your kitchen or the bathroom. Understanding task lighting means we can ensure every room in your home has the appropriate lighting you need to work in.

Already have your own solution?

We also understand that our customers may well find their own lighting solution. Reditek has experience in installing a large variety of lights and will happily install any lighting you supply*. Reditek has installed a wide array of lighting from 150kg pendants to decorative 3mm strip lighting.

In our fully functional workshop we can custom build your idea and make it reality, we can also rebuild your favourite hanging light.

Outdoor Lighting

Reditek Electrical can supply and install a range of outdoor lighting options so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Sensor / Security Lighting

Home security can be as simple as a sensor in the correct position, so those unwanted guests think twice.

Going out to your bin at night can be a task if you don't have lighting in the right spots, we can set up sensor lights so all you need to do is walk outside and the lights come on automatically for you and turn off shortly after you have gone back inside.

From LED flood lighting to bunker lights, you name it. Reditek can solve it. Installation or replacement of your existing light fittings is a breeze for our qualified electricians.

Do you want to install new lighting and brighten up your home and garden?



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