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Home Energy Solutions that fit your budget

If you dread opening your electricity bill, you are not alone.

Reditek Electrical can offer a wide range of energy saving solutions that are cost effective and offer a great return on your investment through energy savings.

Timers and Controllers

Timers are a good way to limit usage of items in your house that don’t need to stay on. 

Energy Monitors

Energy monitors can show you what item in your house is using the most electricity, we can then recommend the best way to combat the issue.


Sensors can be set with times so they can turn on when you need and turn off when you’re not around to save on usage costs, if they are set up correctly you can save a lot of money.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is simply the best form of saving. These can being dramatic savings in usage costs and that is just the beginning.


If you have an issue with high bills we can inspect your Switchboard for any hot joints or faults that could cause excess usage. A hot joint is a joint that is not 100% and causes arcing or too much heat.

We will tighten up all components and complete a thermal scan on the board to see if there are any issues. If your board is fine we can perform an energy management report for you and recommend ways for you to save on your bill.