Thermal Scanning Melbourne

What is thermal scanning?

There are a number of names for thermal imaging. Such as thermo scanning, thermal surveying and thermal imaging. These are all the same preventative maintenance process. Thermal scanning is frequently used as a tool for reducing emergency maintenance costs. It can aid in electrical and mechanical asset protection and preservation by identifying electrical issues before a fault occurs. Thermal imaging is non destructive and non invasive process which makes it a very cost effective tool for isolating problems with services in a workplace. Testing is carried out while services are all on-line and operational minimising downtime. The thermal images provided by the infra red spectrum allow technicians to identify faults from abnormally high temperatures. As part of periodical testing this allows a workplace to monitor the health of their plant and equipment in a permanent record.

What can be thermally scanned?

A multitude of workplace services can be covered under by a preventative maintenance process such as thermal scanning. Services than can be thermally scanned include

  • Mechanical Switchboards
  • Mains Switchboards
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Power Leads
  • Points of attachment
  • Cabling

Need a preventive maintenance solution?

Thermal scanning may be your solution!