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Emergency and Exit Light Testing

Are you compliant?

Australian Standard AS2293.2 Emergency Light Testing and Inspection sets out the periodic inspection and maintenance procedures necessary to ensure emergency and exit light systems are always in a state of readiness. At Reditek Electrical we can help you ensure you are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

What is Emergency and Exit lighting?

The purpose of emergency lighting & exit signs is to provide sufficient lighting and clear identification of exit paths and travels to exit in case of a black out or an emergency evacuation. As such they must operate automatically in the event of power failure, and provide illumination sufficient for use and size of the building, as well as taking into account the distance to the exits. The signage must be clearly visible, legible, and located in positions where exits are not necessarily obvious. There are also relevant standards that apply to the type and size of signage used.

Reditek Electrical maintain and manage emergency & exit signs in accordance with Australian Standard 2293.2.

We can provide a scheduled programme to ensure you are compliant.