Split system installation in a nursery

Mitsubishi Electric Split System Installation – MSZ-GE25VA 2.5kW

Mitsubishi Electric – MSZ-GE25VA Reverse cycle inverter split system installed in single storey brick home. Cost : $2079 fully installed including servicing of 3 x existing split systems. This is an installation we recently completed. A 2.5kW Mitsubishi Electric split system installed in a nursery. Our customer hadn’t had the best experience with another brand installed throughout their home and were interested in other options. We suggested Mitsubishi Electric as a great alternative. Whilst dearer than some other brands, the Mitsubishi Electric units offer unrivaled quality and are a great choice for owner occupiers planning on staying in their home […]

Affordable split systems from Panasonic Air Conditioning

Affordable split system installation

We recently attended a job for a customer. Their rental apartment split system was not longer working. The split system installed at the premises was an old R22 constant speed unit and had lost its refrigerant. R22 is very expensive and even in a small unit repair costs were going to be high.   Our customer opted to replace the unit with a modern inverter split system.  We suggested the Panasonic RE9PKR as a replacement option. This matched the previously installed split system capacity and are incredibly competitively priced whilst still offer an exceptional level of quality. A great fit […]

An old style switchboard that has had a serious fault

Old Switchboard Fault

The tenants of this home recently lost power and unfortunately the fault was not going to be rectified by swapping in a new fuse. Our technician attended and found quite the problem behind the switchboard cover. The fault had occurred overnight with the tenants being advised to try a replacement fuse. As you can see from the photos – swapping this fuse could have given quite a fright! In instances like this the very first thing we do upon arrival is investigate and ‘make safe’. We isolate the faulted circuit and then check the switchboard and other circuits to ensure they […]

Using the wrong gauge wire can lead to many probloems

How not to rewire a ceramic fuse

How not to rewire a ceramic fuse When ever you have issues with fuses you should call an electrician, particularly if you are unsure how to repair. We recently attended a customers home who had lost power in the kitchen. An attempt had been made to repair the ceramic fuse. Unfortunately the repair was more likely to cause problems than resolve them and this certainly was the case. Not only should this fuse not have been reused due to broken and locked wire retainers, the incorrect gauge of wire was used. When our technician arrived the fuse was humming and […]

Switchboard Upgrade

Apartment switchboard

This switchboard was installed in a rental property between tenants. The owner opted for this solution due a number of old fixed appliances still fitted to the apartment. The old fuses and board were removed and a Australian standard switchboard fitted. Complete with safety switches. All for $660 and completed in a single morning.

External Switchboard Upgrade

Let there be space!

  The original board did not have space for any additional circuits. There was also only a few circuits protected by safety switches. This home owner took our advice and upgraded the entire switchboard with their air conditioning installation. No mains upgrades were necessary. A steal supplied and installed at $880 including GST.

Panasonic Split System Brackets

Panasonic – On brackets

Our customer was happy to pay to have the lounge room cooled, however the condenser was not to be seen from the front or side of the house! The indoor head was mounted on an external wall, using an up and over technique. There is no evidence from outside that a split system is installed! The pipe work then runs through the roof space all the way to the back of the house. Neat and out of the way!

Panasonic 5kw split-system apartment

Panasonic Split System Air Conditioning – A great purchase for your rental property.

Rental apartment split system installation This Panasonic 5kW split system was installed as a joint agreement between tenant and owner. Installed on a 1960s ground level apartment block in the living area. Unlike a modern apartment complex, there are not strict rules with regard to placement of outdoor units. This allows for more cost effective installations by not having to install the outdoor unit mounted in hard to reach locations. A single unit was installed in the living area. In a smaller home like this apartment, a well sized and placed split system provides fantastic heating and cooling for the living/shared […]


LG 5kW Installation

Our customer chose to buy her own system. We happily gave advise about where to locate the unit and installed the unit in their semi renovated home. Air conditioners are a popular purchase for house about to be sold.